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Sandra Bullock

Listen, Sandra, we didn’t actually think you were a Nazi just because you married a guy who seems to be one and has an obsession with them.

You certainly didn’t need to adopt a midget version of your Blind Slide co-star to drive the point home.

Does she think she's holding up her Razzie?

Oscars Ruining Marriages

Amidst the dissolution of Sandra Bullock’s marriage, there’s been a lot of speculation about an Oscar curse.  The upshot: Oscars ruin marriages.

I couldn’t agree more.  Oscar ruined my marriage, too.  I was always more of a Hebrew National guy — the ex liked Oscar Meyer.  Sad when you think about it.  But, then again, we should have both seen it coming.

My divorce has a first name -- it's O-S-C-A-R

Trayf of the Week: Jesse James’ Mistress

’nuff said.

The Blind Side

Why is Precious playing football?  Why is Sandra Bullock her mom?  Why are you confusing me, movie?!?!

Based on the novel "Huh" by WTF