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Just in time for Good Friday comes another tale of Gentile ridiculousness.  TV not-quite-star Neal McDonough has reportedly left a new show because he won’t do sex scenes.  Why?  He’s a married Catholic.  You can’t even imagine reading that headline regarding a Jew, can you?

A Jew would leave his wife, his home, his homeland to do a sex scene.  Unlucky for us, it doesn’t come up very often. Remember all those steamy trysts Toby Ziegler had on the West Wing?  Me neither.

But was he so chaste as an altar boy?

Sex Robots

This new sex robot is a slap in the face to Jewish women everywhere. As my uncle Herschel always says, “No screaming, no shopping, plenty of sex does not a marriage make.”

Even we have to admit - she's not bad looking for a golem.

Tantric Sex

So, everyone thinks it’s so great to have sex without orgasming?

After ten years of manufacturing these things, if I ever felt one, I’d be kvelling!

This is all your fault, Sting.

Vahksin zuls du vi a tsibeleh, mitten kup in drerd!