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Trayf of the Week: Bacon Jam

Just when you thought it was safe to eat your bagels in mixed company, comes this devilish concoction.  Next time a Goyishe friend offers you a shmear, make sure you ask of what…

Sweet, spicy, savory and SO un-Kosher

Trayf of the Week: Trapped at 30,000 feet

Passengers aboard a recent flight from Israel to London learned their dining options were ham melts and bacon baguettes.  In other words, pork… or French pork.  Savvy move from the Mephistophelean easyJet.

Someone must have let them in on a little secret — alter kockers can’t go more than 90 minutes without a nosh — even if their immortal souls are on the line.

Yes, it's super trayf. But... on the other hand...

Trayf of the Week: The Bacon Mug

In case you’re wondering, it’s filled with cheese.  You know, for that extra trayfy goodness.

But it's on a paper plate, so...

Trayf of the Week: Cuddly Bacon Toys

The trayf tempters keep getting smarter, trying now not just to win the stomachs but the hearts of our youngsters.

Just look at that smiley self-confident shnook — he’s the care-free Goy we deep-down wish we could be!

Trayf of the Week: Kevin Bacon

Actually bacon Kevin Bacon.  Well, it was inevitable, wasn’t it?  If inevitable meant an offense against man and art.  Like my mother’s Long Island living room.

Looks more like bacon Conan O'Brien, no?

Trayf of the Day: Bakon Vodka

Don’t let the less-than-creative creative spelling fool you, Bakon Vodka is really bacon vodka.

So far I don’t smell a conspiracy — I think Goys just drink.  But if this company releases Bakon Manischevitz, I’m calling the Anti-Defamation League.

Once and for all proving Mary's no virgin

Trayf of the Week: Chicken fried bacon

We still don’t know why you need to call something that hasn’t been fried in chicken “chicken fried.”

It’s kind of like calling any well-drawn deal a “Jew-negotiated contract.”

Trayf of the Week: Bacon Nation

The Bacon Nation — a heretical new Facebook group — now has more “friends” than we do.

This is not a good sign…

I hear France will welcome their invasion.

Trayf of the Week: This Guy

A cured pork tramp stamp in the shape of a cross?!  Clearly this guy was in the running for TotW.

But here’s what puts him over the top — it’s upside-down.

I have a strong suspicion he did this to himself.  Now that’s dedication to the trayf.

I hear Herr Pope has the same one...


43% of Canadians prefer bacon to sex.  I think in the metric system that’s a majority.  This once again proves my thesis: there are no Jews in Canada.

Better than sex? Only if it's with my wife.