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Trayf of the Day: Bakon Vodka

Don’t let the less-than-creative creative spelling fool you, Bakon Vodka is really bacon vodka.

So far I don’t smell a conspiracy — I think Goys just drink.  But if this company releases Bakon Manischevitz, I’m calling the Anti-Defamation League.

Once and for all proving Mary's no virgin

Frivolous lawsuits

IHOP (the International House of Pancakes) is suing IHOP (the International House of Prayer). Obviously, we’re worried about the precedent — we don’t want notorious bootlegger Jed Manischewitz threatening the Kosher wine we all know and… well, we know it.

Yes, we’re on the record supporting more makework for our underemployed shysters, but we gotta defend Hashem.  (And we’re glad to, since we know he won’t be chintzy with the billables.)

Can't we all just get along?

Iowa Police

The Iowa po-po arrested a man for DUI… for going 5MPH on his lawn mower?!  Remind me never to spend Passover in Iowa.  I’m likely to go to jail for too much Manischewitz while searching for the afikomen!

Ah yes, that's why we fly over those states.

The State of the Union

Bottoms up

Another speech, another failed drinking game.  In my house it was “down a Manischewitz every time he assures the safety of a Jewish state in Israel.”

Needless to say, I was disappointed — and not at all farschnikert.