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Obama’s Seder

We stole your music, your chicken, your Sammy Davis, Jr.  — but can’t you let us keep this one holiday?

Now when the youngest child asks: “Ma nishtanah?”  I got nothing.

"...boreh pre ha-health care."

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Ari Fleischer

The chief Yid in W’s White House has once again found employment with the most controversial figure in America.  Speaking for Tiger might actually be progress though.  Perhaps if the trend continues, we’ll next find Ari putting on a good face for Joey Buttafuoco.

You know, for luck...

Ostentacious party crashers

VP with uninvited guests

Does this count as a Bidenism?

Isn’t the first rule of crashing a party not to draw attention to yourself?

We’ve crashed many a wedding at Leonard’s of Great Neck — but there’s no documentary evidence.

That is, other than this blog, which is, let’s face it… who’s reading this?