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Trayf of the Week: Bacon Nation

The Bacon Nation — a heretical new Facebook group — now has more “friends” than we do.

This is not a good sign…

I hear France will welcome their invasion.

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler may be good-looking, but last I checked, he’s no proctologist.  A good Jewish girl only lets doctors examine her.

Chivalry: Gerard Sticks His Finger In Jen's Butt

Wait, Jennifer Aniston isn’t Jewish.  But Rachel Green was.  And Monica Geller was even more Jewish.  Probably the Jewiest name ever on a sitcom — and she was played by Courtney Cox — another Gentile.  No wonder they never had the special Simchat Torah episode.  Oy.

10 years later, Friends continues to annoy…


It isn’t enough I should accept friend requests from people I can’t stand, can’t remember, or don’t actually know — but now Facebook is making recommendations about how I should maintain these  “friendships”?

Let me tell you something, Herr Facebook, I don’t want to write on Beth Lowenstein’s wall — I want to dance on her grave.  Why don’t you come up with a “Facebook app” for that?

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