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Prop 8 Decision

From my gay cousin Erich:

“Thanks, meddlesome lawyers.  The best part about being gay was that I had the perfect answer every time my mother asked why I wasn’t married.  Now I’m fair game.  Sometimes, it’s good not to be like everyone else.”

The rainbow bulls-eye

The death of marriage

I’m not much of a fan of the Gores. They crusade against things I love — litter and explicit lyrics — and do it in the most sanctimonious, soul-numbing fashion.  But at least they traveled as a unit and I could dismiss them as a pair.  Now with their surprising split-up, they are going to be annoying me independently.

So believable at the time...


As you can see, honeymoon sex was really his only shot...

Communism may be dead, but Russia keeps finding new ways to muck up the best things in life. Case in point: What’s the best part of marriage? The honeymoon — and the afterglow known as the honeymoon phase.

Well, cosmonaut Alexei Sitev is gonna skip that with 18 months of… a simulated trip to Mars.

When he comes back — not only won’t he have actually gone anywhere — but you can rest assured his beloved geek trophies will be moved out and his mother-in-law moved in.

Oscars Ruining Marriages

Amidst the dissolution of Sandra Bullock’s marriage, there’s been a lot of speculation about an Oscar curse.  The upshot: Oscars ruin marriages.

I couldn’t agree more.  Oscar ruined my marriage, too.  I was always more of a Hebrew National guy — the ex liked Oscar Meyer.  Sad when you think about it.  But, then again, we should have both seen it coming.

My divorce has a first name -- it's O-S-C-A-R