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Suddenly the Teutonic powerhouse is on the move again.

If you’re still watching soccer (and you probably aren’t), the German team is dominating the World Cup like the Fourth Reich.  And now the German government is trying to encroach on a Jewish-owned business.

That’s two big warnings.  If they elect Michael Jordan as Chancellor, I’m packing up and moving to South America.

First, they came for Mark Zuckerberg...

Sandra Bullock

Listen, Sandra, we didn’t actually think you were a Nazi just because you married a guy who seems to be one and has an obsession with them.

You certainly didn’t need to adopt a midget version of your Blind Slide co-star to drive the point home.

Does she think she's holding up her Razzie?

Trayf of the Week: Jesse James’ Mistress

’nuff said.


Look at how GM is jumping on the bones of the Toyota recall, eager to profit off death and misfortune. We thought that was your job Mercedes. Why you gotta let us down?

No longer more luxurious than your average blood diamond.

Vanity Fair’s New Hollywood

New Hollywood?  Traditionally, “Hollywood” has always been a euphemism for Jewish — does this mean they’re trying to get rid of the Yids?  Given the Aryan assortment on the cover, I fear the answer is yeh.  The only possible Hebrew is Mia Wasikowska, and I think she’s legitimately “just Polish.”  At least she appeared in that Nazi-fighting movie, Defiance.  You know, the one that starred Daniel Craig and Billy Elliot as the worst fake yids since Brendan Fraser in School Ties.  New Hollywood indeed.

Not a Queen Esther in the bunch.