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Bed Bugs

As always, any news item that proves a bubbeh meiseh true — like New York is infested with bed bugs — makes it on our radar.

We haven’t been this disappointed since L.A. turned out to be filled with Scientologists.

And they're billboard friendly!


So reporting on teachers in Los Angeles public schools… leads to striking?

This would never fly in Hebrew School.  I tried reporting my teachers to the Spanish Inquisition, and still they kept showing up.

Never not around when I need them...

Lakers fans

Over the years, much ink and internet chatter have been spilled on the topic: New York vs. Los Angeles. We come not to revisit issues of public, public transit, and rights on red.

We offer but one thought on the matter — in New York, they know the difference between a parade and a pogrom.


With Burger King opening up a stateside Whopper Bar, Europe has lost its only cultural advantage — alcohol at fast food restaurants.

This is like L.A. doing away with rights on reds.

whopper bar

Someone, take the King's keys