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Evil Grannies

The Sarah Silverman Program (an authorized product of the vastly entertaining worldwide Jewish conspiracy) recently asked the following question: “What do the Jews love more than anything else?”  The answer, of course: “Their grandchildren.”

But not like this.  Your bubbeh is supposed to smother you with love and chicken soup.  She’s supposed to chide you for wearing “dungarees” to temple.  She’s not supposed to fuck you.  Just wanted to be clear about that.

Whatever you do, don't eat her brisket

Goldman Sachs

You forgot the most important rule of the cabal (aka the worldwide Jewish conspiracy) — you don’t join the government.  You meet with it in underground rooms and sacrifice Catholic babies to it, but you never send one of your own into the Secretary of Treasury position.  That’s just asking for it.

You do sketchy things in shrouds, Paulson.


Of course it can understand babies.  It can understand everything.  These gleaming little wizards are scheming against us.  Just another part of the vast, Liberal, Jewish conspiracy… er, I mean technological conspiracy.  Close one.

Of course, this is to scale. Why do you ask?