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Trayf of the Week: Bacon Jam

Just when you thought it was safe to eat your bagels in mixed company, comes this devilish concoction.  Next time a Goyishe friend offers you a shmear, make sure you ask of what…

Sweet, spicy, savory and SO un-Kosher

Trayf of the Week: Trapped at 30,000 feet

Passengers aboard a recent flight from Israel to London learned their dining options were ham melts and bacon baguettes.  In other words, pork… or French pork.  Savvy move from the Mephistophelean easyJet.

Someone must have let them in on a little secret — alter kockers can’t go more than 90 minutes without a nosh — even if their immortal souls are on the line.

Yes, it's super trayf. But... on the other hand...

Trayf of the Week: The Bacon Mug

In case you’re wondering, it’s filled with cheese.  You know, for that extra trayfy goodness.

But it's on a paper plate, so...


I knew it — I always knew it — exercise is bad for you.  Just ask the 16-year-old Californian teen murdered by his Bowflex machine.

I now return to eating my pastrami and rye.  Ridiculously high sodium might kill me, but it won’t kill me.

Health food


“And such small portions” is supposed to be a complaint, not a selling point.

When else do you need to fill up on wine?

Trayf of the Week: “Traif”

Williamsburg, Brooklyn — ground-zero in the battle of Old vs. New World annoyance — has given birth to the third rail of Heeby fressing: a new restaurant called “Traif.”

Ordinarily, we’d be up in arms… but we converted to Southern Baptist the moment we saw the strawberry-cinnamon glazed pork ribs on the menu.

If you're going to eat the pig, why make it so cute?

Brownie Husbands

Thanks, Tina Fey, now my daughter has canceled her JDate account.  Last thing I wanted: grandchildren that taste better than Christian babies.


No, I’m not annoyed at the whole resurrection thing.  I’m annoyed that post-resurrection, they take away Cadbury Cream Eggs — the only delicious thing the Brits have given us since Disraeli.

Food for thought: Cadbury Challah. Just putting it out there. Think about it.

The War on Salt

You want some right now, don't you?

Under the reign of Herr Mayor Bloomberg, New York restaurants have banned smoking, trans-fats, and now salt?  Is New York trying to chase all the Jews to Miami Beach?

Hashem turned Lot’s wife into a pillar for a reason, and it was so that his french fries would be delicious.