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Prop 8 Decision

From my gay cousin Erich:

“Thanks, meddlesome lawyers.  The best part about being gay was that I had the perfect answer every time my mother asked why I wasn’t married.  Now I’m fair game.  Sometimes, it’s good not to be like everyone else.”

The rainbow bulls-eye

Supposed Bisexuals

So, Vanessa whatshername-shehadthatsong has come out as bisexual, riding the coattails of the True Blood blonde.  But as neither seem to be in relationships with women (and the latter is apparently engaged to her male co-star), it all looks like a plea for attention.

As I told my grandson Erich — I don’t care you’re a faygelah, but I don’t love you because you’re a faygelah.  I love you because you’re a doctor.

One girly crush does not a lesbian identity make -- just as one almost hit song does not a pop star make.


In an act of political protest, a Madrid gay pride march has banned Israelis.  What, with a Castillian accent, they can’t tell the difference between “flotilla” and “faygelah“?

Now, those are some real curlies.

Casual Anti-Semitism of the Week: Virginia

So Virginia — the mother of American independence — elected a Governor who hates gays and loves the Confederacy.  Some might say par for the course.  But, wait, it gets better…

He’s now appointed Fred Malek to an important government position.  Mr. Malek, if you’ll recall (and you probably don’t, but will from now on) was Richard Nixon’s ghetto sheriff, identifying then demoting the Jews who somehow rose to prominent positions during the Nixon administration.

I know filling out the Census is supposed to be the right thing to do — but if you live in Virginia and can quote every episode of Seinfeld, make sure you don’t wind up on Malek’s list!

Hans Landa’s spiritual cousin

Justin Bieber

I think my daughter is a lesbian.  All she does is moan for the girl pictured below.  Apparently she’s some kind of Canadian pop princess and — of course — a shiksa.

Side annoyance: When did they start naming girls Justin?

Her mother should be ashamed -- that's just too young for lipstick.