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Barbara Walters is now Skyping on the view.  If Baba Wawa has her usual effect, it’s only a matter of time before my mother’s judgey, judgey face is broadcasting out on the internet.

Children beware — stick to the self-pleasuring pervs of chat roulette.

Real danger is on the way…

If you were shocked by "Shit my Dad says" -- he's got nothing on my mom.

Rosie O’Donnell

I'm just trying to have a conversation here...

Rosie’s been on the TV, chatting about her new lady friend.  I don’t understand that particular plumbing situation, but it’s not my life, it’s not for me to say, yadda yadda yadda… you have to make yourself happy.

What I cannot abide is her attempts to explain away her disastrous stint on The View.  You do not disrespect Barbara Walters — you cry on her command.

Baba Wawa is a lady golem whose lips have been kissed by Hashem himself.

James Franco

Okay, here’s the thing, Mr. Franco, some of us are retired and don’t have much to do with our days.  And some of us crotchety old men who don’t watch The View because it seems a little, shall we say, faygelah, thought soaps were all right because the ladies on them were pretty hot.  Then you had to waltz into General Hospital and become the hottest chick in the place.

The worst part?  I can’t quit you.