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Oscars Ruining Marriages

Amidst the dissolution of Sandra Bullock’s marriage, there’s been a lot of speculation about an Oscar curse.  The upshot: Oscars ruin marriages.

I couldn’t agree more.  Oscar ruined my marriage, too.  I was always more of a Hebrew National guy — the ex liked Oscar Meyer.  Sad when you think about it.  But, then again, we should have both seen it coming.

My divorce has a first name -- it's O-S-C-A-R

The end of the world

No, I’m not being dramatic.

Barbara Walters is no longer doing her pre-Oscar special.  This year is her last — after that, kaput.

BTW, she's 80. This isn't a joke -- just amazing.

How can this happen?  What kind of world would allow this?  I haven’t seen an actual Oscar telecast in 25 years (that Johnny Carson just seemed fresh), but the lead-up was like the best mah jong game of the year.  Every year.

Now?  I have this taste in my mouth like a pastrami sandwich with mayo.  Feh.