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Nanny Laws

Nannies with rights? Inconceivable!

Let’s say you look like what Woody Allen might call a homunculus.  But you’re kind of charming, stinking rich, and your wife somehow approved a live-in shiksa goddess to care for your meeskite children.  New York has just created a nightmare scenario for you.

You now have to give domestics 14 days notice — which means, if you shtup the nanny today, you’ve got to keep her around for two weeks to avoid a lawsuit on top of the blackmail.

Something tells me we’re going to see an increase in nanny murders.  I’m just saying…

Justin Bieber

I think my daughter is a lesbian.  All she does is moan for the girl pictured below.  Apparently she’s some kind of Canadian pop princess and — of course — a shiksa.

Side annoyance: When did they start naming girls Justin?

Her mother should be ashamed -- that's just too young for lipstick.


First off, we resent those who think we pick on scientists just because we’ve disappointed our mothers by typing little thoughts into little boxes.

Second, those mad money-squandering momma’s boys are at it again!  A new study shows why it’s so scary to lose money.  Yup, they’ve cracked it.  Maybe the next study will show why it’s so thrilling to have a nice shiksa bury your face between her breasts.

Don't worry -- now your wife will UNDERSTAND