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Christine O’Donnell

I’m not an expert on politics.  I can’t fathom the upper-level strategy involved in breaking into a hotel or beating up hippies on the streets of Chicago.  But this meshugga tea-leaf lady made an ad where she denies that she’s a witch?  Not a great precedent.

What’s Barbara Boxer’s denial going to sound like?  I do not run the media?  I don’t use baby’s blood for matzoh?  Maybe she’ll have to issue a clarification — innocent baby’s blood.  Slippery slope here, folks.


This is no longer a “social networking website” — it’s a monolith hell-bent on global hegemony.  Facebook’s new privacy settings require you to understand and fulfill an elaborate series of commands to opt-out of hell.  Leave it to Mark Zuckerberg (a Yid) to reinvent Catholicism.

They're watching you... to help you... buy things.

The Pope

If I had just said we were annoyed by the Vatican comparing the prosecution of pedophilic priests to the extermination of the Jewsdayenu .

But enough is never enough at WAJT, so here’s the Top Three Reasons Child-Molesting Priests are different from Heebs.

  1. Jews push their children to achieve — not to help themselves achieve orgasm.
  2. Priests have been protected on the most heinous of charges by centuries of institutional firewalls; Jews are turned in by their neighbors when their gardener is too loud.
  3. When someone invites a priest to take a shower, water comes out of the nozzle.

Insidious or Darth Sidious?


Just in time for Good Friday comes another tale of Gentile ridiculousness.  TV not-quite-star Neal McDonough has reportedly left a new show because he won’t do sex scenes.  Why?  He’s a married Catholic.  You can’t even imagine reading that headline regarding a Jew, can you?

A Jew would leave his wife, his home, his homeland to do a sex scene.  Unlucky for us, it doesn’t come up very often. Remember all those steamy trysts Toby Ziegler had on the West Wing?  Me neither.

But was he so chaste as an altar boy?