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San Francisco

Lloyd Schofield — a self-proclaimed San Francisco “infant rights activist” — is spearheading an effort to spear the beheading of male children.  In other words, he’s collecting signatures to ban male circumcision.  First they ban Happy Meals and now sad schvantzes.  What’s to become of everything in between?

Given that whole covenant of Abraham thing, it’s a rather ingeniously passive-aggressive way to exterminate Jews.

Alan Thicke

So you know what puts TV legend Alan Thicke in the mood?  Listening to the grooves of his pop star son Robin.  Even in Canada, that has to be a shanda.

I have a little experience in this area and, trust me, it’s almost impossible to eek out an erection when your daughter’s practicing violin.  Add in a bass line and some synth and I’d sooner projectile vomit than cut a hole in the sheet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: John Mayer’s Penis

Throw the schmuck down the well

So apparently John Mayer has “a fuckin’ David Duke cock.”

Or, in other words, John Mayer’s penis hates Jews.

Of course, John Mayer is half-Jewish.

We now know which half.

This is yet another warning to all you Heebs out there: Breed with a shiksa, and you get sons with anti-Semitic schvantzes.