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Christine O’Donnell

I’m not an expert on politics.  I can’t fathom the upper-level strategy involved in breaking into a hotel or beating up hippies on the streets of Chicago.  But this meshugga tea-leaf lady made an ad where she denies that she’s a witch?  Not a great precedent.

What’s Barbara Boxer’s denial going to sound like?  I do not run the media?  I don’t use baby’s blood for matzoh?  Maybe she’ll have to issue a clarification — innocent baby’s blood.  Slippery slope here, folks.

Job Opening of the Week: Midwestern Lawyer

A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader — who also happens to be a high school teacher — won an $11m default judgment against a defaming website… only to realize she’d sued the wrong website.

For all you out of work Shysters, this has to provide some hope.  Clearly they’re lacking smart Jew lawyers in Ohio.  So get out there and sue for libel.  Just read up on the Blood Libel first.

She doesn't teach Saturday school...

Goldman Sachs

You forgot the most important rule of the cabal (aka the worldwide Jewish conspiracy) — you don’t join the government.  You meet with it in underground rooms and sacrifice Catholic babies to it, but you never send one of your own into the Secretary of Treasury position.  That’s just asking for it.

You do sketchy things in shrouds, Paulson.

Brownie Husbands

Thanks, Tina Fey, now my daughter has canceled her JDate account.  Last thing I wanted: grandchildren that taste better than Christian babies.