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Bargain Shopper of the Week: The Meadowlands

Maybe it’s my patriotism — or my hardwired Depression-era frugality — but I can’t stand leaving the lights on for no reason.  Which is why I applaud the New York football Giants.  Yesterday, in the midst of getting shellacked at home by a bunch of Texan criminals, they simply turned out the lights.

Sure, 80,000 fans were terrified and trapped in the dark — but how about taking one for the team?  No need to throw good electricity after bad.

Big Blue goes green and saves green

LeBron James

The 21st century athlete, the Global Icon, the King… has decided you can’t take your talents to South Beach without some good luck pais.

That’s right, LeBron has been soliciting advice from an Orthodox rabbi.

A little too late to teach him about family, respect, and honor… but maybe just in time to save a shekel.

You don't know what a shonda is? Of course, you don't...

Lady Gaga

Could have been worse. Could have been Liza.

I’ve been going to Yankees’ games since you could call a player Gaylord Perry and it wasn’t a political statement.  So why is it I’ve never been invited to the locker room — and this Gaga kid has?

Is it because she’s wearing an open Yankees jersey over her underwear?  Because I wear the same thing to every game and all I’ve gotten is arrested.

World Cup

I went to every one of my kid's games. I suffered enough.

Everyone I work with seems to have caught World Cup fever.  They’re discussing soccer as if it’s a sport.

If soccer’s a sport, so is trying to shtup my wife.  They’re both relatively pointless, exhausting exercises that put the ball in the net so infrequently that it’s more fun to just walk around in the uniform and play solo.

I’ll be farkacht if I watch a minute of this meshugga game on tv.


Part of me still thinks it would have been worth it.

I’m annoyed by anything that vindicates my mother.  But, fine — apparently playing football is not so good for your brain.  Guess you were right when you refused to sign that permission slip.

However, if we find out trips to the planetarium cause cancer — we’re even.