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The New York Times

So the Paper of Record now features tales of a “frequent flier” who tells us things like it’s a bad idea to use in-flight wi-fi to view porn, airports help justify Hermes ties, and Shabbat starts on Friday not Thursday.

Not how my airport column would go.

Were The Gray Lady asking me, I’d try to tell you useful things that save you money, like: “Never volunteer to check your bag, no matter how oversized it is.  They’ll make you check it at the gate — for free.”

Or that save you tsuris, like: “Don’t worry about eating the on-board overpriced meal.  Yes, it will make you fortzy — but no one can hear over the engine noise.”

Now this makes sense to me

Venus Williams

Is this a Sex and the City move tie-in?

I’m not saying I’m the most fashionable person.  My Yankees’ kippah is cute, but not exactly couture.

Still, I think I can spot a fashion foul — like an Amazon showing her tuchus on the tennis court. 


The Japanese

A Japanese clothing company is investing $300 million in New York real estate in this economy?  I hope there’s a Japanese equivalent for Jewish lightning.

Fyvush Finkel wouldn't be caught dead in this.

Kim Jong II’s Fashion Claims

Kim Jong II is claiming he’s a fashion trendsetter.  I’ve got news for you, President Crazy — my grandmother in South Beach has been wearing that exact outfit for thirty-five years.  I think you gals even have the same stylist — though you’ll need to go carrot orange with the color to make a fair comparison.

Golden Girls: Korean Style


If I’d known hipsters would pay hundreds of dollars to look like my Aunt Esther, I never would have shipped her off to the alter kocker farm and burned her clothes.  Okay, I might have still shipped her off to the home…..

Bringin' the fuddy back.

Tween Fashionistas

Every Jew thinks his kid is a prodigy — even if she eats the non-Kosher paste at school.  But pity the poor schlimazel who has to rationalize this daughter. “She’s a fashion celebrity.  No, she’s not a model.  Or a designer.  People throw money and access at her because she acts like a 13-year-old girl.  Yes, she’s a 13-year-old girl.  No, she still expects me to pay for college.”

And don't get me started on the cost of high-fashion orthodonture...

Alexander McQueen

A British fashion designer seems to have offed himself because his mommy died.

How many Jewish mothers must be horrified — and deeply disappointed that their own sons wouldn’t do the same.

That's a hug, right?