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Two Bay Area Burger King employees were fired for a bit of workplace honesty — replacing the hollow “thank you” on drive-thru receipts with the more genuine “fuck you.”

Reminds me of all those Thanksgiving dinners when I’d bring home a new girlfriend.  She’d invariably tell my mother: “What a lovely home you have” — and rather than say “thank you,” ma would just reply, “You’re not good enough for my son.”

Okay, so it’s not identical, but…

I wonder what "supersize" came with...


The world’s leading slaughterer of bovine families and human waist-lines has nixed its dollar menu, hurting the homeless who depend on MickeyD’s for affordable food (that helps end their lives earlier).

Poor form, McDonald’s.

Let us all remember the wisdom of Reb Nachum, when Lazar Wolf gave the beggar only one kopeck on account of his downturn. “So, if you had a bad week, why should I suffer?”

No, I don't need a hug. I need an affordable McNugget, you creepy clown.

Casual Anti-Semitism of the Week: Kike’s tacos

And the portions are so small.


With Burger King opening up a stateside Whopper Bar, Europe has lost its only cultural advantage — alcohol at fast food restaurants.

This is like L.A. doing away with rights on reds.

whopper bar

Someone, take the King's keys