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How could three little letters be so awesomely annoying?

After years of giving doctors something to know more about than the rest of us, now DNA is trying to claim Hitler was Jewish.

That’s right — annoying and anti-Semitic.  Shame on you, deoxyribonucleic acid.

Don't look at me all innocent


Suddenly the Teutonic powerhouse is on the move again.

If you’re still watching soccer (and you probably aren’t), the German team is dominating the World Cup like the Fourth Reich.  And now the German government is trying to encroach on a Jewish-owned business.

That’s two big warnings.  If they elect Michael Jordan as Chancellor, I’m packing up and moving to South America.

First, they came for Mark Zuckerberg...

Michael Jordan

Lately I’ve found myself thinking things like: “What Holocaust?” and “Even if there were, I’m sure Hitler had his reasons.”

Now I think I know where this came from — subliminal advertising.

In the 80s, I wanted to “be like Mike”.  Now Mike wants to be like Adolf.

Suggested by M.P.

Political Scions

So, Richard Nixon’s grandson is running for Congress in New York. You have to admire the kid’s chutzpah. But unless he’s running against one of the Long Island Hitlers, I don’t like his chances.

Grandaddy, what's a crook?