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The Yankees

For years, everyone (outside of New York) has accused the Yankees of excess.  They buy players, networks, self-named steakhouses in their own stadium.  I’ve never been bothered by it… until now.

A new report indicates New York Governor David Paterson may be indicted for his role in attending a Yankees game.

Really, Yankees, really?  You gotta pile on the most inept governor New York’s had outside of a musical?  What’s next, spending $424 million on free agents and then going out and winning the world series?  Oh, right, that was last year.

I can't quite make out that pitch... no, it's a shitball.

The Pope

Hey, you may be the Pope — but you are not infallible.  Everyone knows you can’t wear a blank baseball cap.

Even Hashem picks sides in these things.  And that side is the Yankees.

The Pope isn't taking his talents to Cleveland.

Lady Gaga

Could have been worse. Could have been Liza.

I’ve been going to Yankees’ games since you could call a player Gaylord Perry and it wasn’t a political statement.  So why is it I’ve never been invited to the locker room — and this Gaga kid has?

Is it because she’s wearing an open Yankees jersey over her underwear?  Because I wear the same thing to every game and all I’ve gotten is arrested.

The new Yankee Stadium

The “house that Ruth built” has turned into the Mall of America.  Sure, the Lobel’s in left field is a nice sop, but how about a Carnegie Deli?  A Katz’s?  A Russ and Daughters’?

You need a sign to tell you it's Yankee Stadium?

This generic ode to commerce feels like it could be anywhere.  But it’s not anywhere – it’s in the Bronx.  Act like it.