A little bit about us…

We’re annoyed. We’ve always been annoyed. We will always be annoyed.

We’re annoyed by our jobs, our neighbors, our families.

We’re annoyed by this blog.

We’ve heard that there are people out there who are tolerant, cheerful even. I’m sure they’ll be Raptured before us. We wish them well. No, we don’t — they’re fucking annoying.

4 responses to “A little bit about us…

  1. I love this!

  2. So do I, and I’m not even Jewish

  3. I’m sorry I lied. Mazal Tov

  4. This is a fabulous service for those of us who’ve forgotten how truly lucky we are to at least still be annoyed. When all else is lost at least there’s this ability to take exception to–so much–that get’s us going even on the bleakest days. Bless You.

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