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The Mighty Ducks

Just when we were finally recovering from Donald Duck’s S.S. video, the Disney Ducks are back to their goose-stepping ways, bashing a Jewish player.

Seriously, do they have any idea how much money a Hebrew hockey player could be worth in California?  Oh, right, forgot — that’s the Yid thinking.

How could they have forgotten about the great Goldberg?!


Robert Byrd

It's just like a John Grisham novel!

Today is the first day of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings — and she has to share the headlines with Byrd, the longest serving senator in our nation’s history.

And an evil, anti-Semitic genius.

Even in death, the one-time KKK member had to stick it to the Jews.

Helen Thomas haters

We shouldn’t rush to judge Helen Thomas.  If this were a sitcom, her wisecrackin’ anti-Semitism would be positively precious.  After all, now that the only Golden Girl left is the “dumb blonde,” we need someone to deliver Bea Arthur’s spice or Estelle Getty’s racism.

Let's just hope she doesn't try for the recently departed Rue McClanahan's sluttiness.

Sandra Bullock

Listen, Sandra, we didn’t actually think you were a Nazi just because you married a guy who seems to be one and has an obsession with them.

You certainly didn’t need to adopt a midget version of your Blind Slide co-star to drive the point home.

Does she think she's holding up her Razzie?

Jews Who Can’t Take a Joke

By now you’ve probably heard that Obama’s National Security Adviser, James Jones, told a Jewish merchant joke at a think tank.  The Anti-Defamation League weighed in — they weren’t such a fan — and James apologized.

Nobody seems to care that the joke was funny.  Poorly delivered, stretched out, lacking in detail — sure.  But funny.  And even depicting Jews as clever if financially opportunistic (which, you know, we are).

If Jones wasn’t an anti-Semite, maybe we just made him one.

The Pope

If I had just said we were annoyed by the Vatican comparing the prosecution of pedophilic priests to the extermination of the Jewsdayenu .

But enough is never enough at WAJT, so here’s the Top Three Reasons Child-Molesting Priests are different from Heebs.

  1. Jews push their children to achieve — not to help themselves achieve orgasm.
  2. Priests have been protected on the most heinous of charges by centuries of institutional firewalls; Jews are turned in by their neighbors when their gardener is too loud.
  3. When someone invites a priest to take a shower, water comes out of the nozzle.

Insidious or Darth Sidious?