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Iowa Police

The Iowa po-po arrested a man for DUI… for going 5MPH on his lawn mower?!  Remind me never to spend Passover in Iowa.  I’m likely to go to jail for too much Manischewitz while searching for the afikomen!

Ah yes, that's why we fly over those states.

A Passover Miracle: We’re Not Annoyed!

They call him "Jewish Jordan." That's not even a joke.

Everyone’s familiar with the miracle of Chanukah (there’s an Adam Sandler movie for Christ’s sake!) — but today we have a Passover miracle: We’re not annoyed.

Well, two miracles — because the reason we’re not annoyed is that this evening, on the last night of Passover, the heavily favored Duke Blue Devils will go into the national championship game led by Jon Scheyer — a Yid!  We’re so proud, we’re kvelling.

Unless he loses.  In which case, we’re back to the status quo: Jews don’t play sports and we’re annoyed.

The Pope

If I had just said we were annoyed by the Vatican comparing the prosecution of pedophilic priests to the extermination of the Jewsdayenu .

But enough is never enough at WAJT, so here’s the Top Three Reasons Child-Molesting Priests are different from Heebs.

  1. Jews push their children to achieve — not to help themselves achieve orgasm.
  2. Priests have been protected on the most heinous of charges by centuries of institutional firewalls; Jews are turned in by their neighbors when their gardener is too loud.
  3. When someone invites a priest to take a shower, water comes out of the nozzle.

Insidious or Darth Sidious?

Obama’s Seder

We stole your music, your chicken, your Sammy Davis, Jr.  — but can’t you let us keep this one holiday?

Now when the youngest child asks: “Ma nishtanah?”  I got nothing.

"...boreh pre ha-health care."