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Chilean Miners

Did you hear the one about the Chilean miner who was rescued only to have his wife attack him, because the whole mishegas let her discover his mistress?  And just when you though the vengeful Old Testament G-d had been Kabbalah-ed out of existence!

Welcome back, Hashem, let’s go stone some disobedient children.


¡Ay dios mio!


Students who go to med school without being pre-med


No one told us about this!

I could have skipped all that organic chemistry mishegas and still gone to med school?  Does anyone want to buy my butcher shop?  I need tuition money!

I sincerely hope he didn't learn anatomy in art history...


So the St. Louis Bread company is trying out stores where you pay what you want? I’ve never heard of such communist goyishe mishegas in all my life.

How are you supposed to make a living when people can do what they want?  I think the whole thing is some sort of bizarre trap.  And if I’m ever caught in St. Louis, I’m paying for the stupid bread — kein ayin hara.

Now haggling -- that I understand

Twilight saga

Enough of this vampire mishegas.

When are we going to get a nice, sexy dybbuk movie?