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The Y.M.C.A. Downsizing to “The Y”

Herschel kept the company logo, too

Just because the neighborhood kids give you a nickname, doesn’t mean you have to embrace it.

My Uncle Herschel didn’t change his shingle to read “Shyster.”


Last month, when my Uncle Herschel complained about orchitis (swelling in the proverbial matzoh balls), I thought he was just bragging.  Now that I know there’s been a mumps outbreak in Brooklyn, I’m thinking I should maybe take him to a specialist.

Sorry, Uncle Herschel

The government

If you’re in Washington, D.C. today and thought you saw Rahm Emanuel go whooshing past on a toboggan… you’re probably right.  Seems the federal government has taken a snow day!

I’m not saying this government is soft, I’m just saying when my uncle Herschel had his haberdashery, neither snow, nor pogrom, nor genocide, nor the original Tiffany mall tour kept him from opening shop.

Daddy will push you as soon as he gets off the flying saucer

Super Bowl Commercials

I like creative advertising as much as the next dry cleaner; my uncle Herschel even invented the Pastrami sandwich board.  But what’s this with commercials that aren’t selling products?  I can’t buy a “lack of abortion” — so why are they peddling it to me?  Can’t they just hock Pepsi?  I won’t buy it, but I liked watching that nice Cindy Crawford.  What ever happened to her?

The good ol' uncontroversial days