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You know why we ignore your historical Holocaust?  Because you don’t have kick-ass music memorials like this…

Michael Jordan

Lately I’ve found myself thinking things like: “What Holocaust?” and “Even if there were, I’m sure Hitler had his reasons.”

Now I think I know where this came from — subliminal advertising.

In the 80s, I wanted to “be like Mike”.  Now Mike wants to be like Adolf.

Suggested by M.P.

Trayf of the Week?: The BP Oil Spill

Leviticus 11:9. Look it up.

I try not to get involved in the environment.   I figure if a bunch of great minds — plus the maritally-challenged Al Gore — can’t solve it, they don’t need this Yid’s meddling.

But the oil spill in the gulf is out of control.  Literally.  I’ve heard people call it Biblical.  This got me thinking.  What if, through the oil and wreckage, shrimp begin to mutate and grow fins and scales?

You know how there are people who think the Holocaust was redeemed through the creation of the State of Israel?  Maybe this whole messy megillah can be redeemed through making shrimp Kosher!

The Pope

If I had just said we were annoyed by the Vatican comparing the prosecution of pedophilic priests to the extermination of the Jewsdayenu .

But enough is never enough at WAJT, so here’s the Top Three Reasons Child-Molesting Priests are different from Heebs.

  1. Jews push their children to achieve — not to help themselves achieve orgasm.
  2. Priests have been protected on the most heinous of charges by centuries of institutional firewalls; Jews are turned in by their neighbors when their gardener is too loud.
  3. When someone invites a priest to take a shower, water comes out of the nozzle.

Insidious or Darth Sidious?

Texas Textbooks

So, Texas wants to overhaul history textbooks in big, outsized Texas fashion.  They haven’t quite taken to Holocaust denying, but they are all but whiting out Thomas Jefferson — one of the few founding father with a little Jew floating in the gene pool.  Coincidence?  Probably.  But I’m still annoyed.

I see it around the nose.


Why does everyone love Leprechauns so much?  They’re small, shifty and chase pots of gold.  We’ve been behaving that way for thousands of years and the results have looked less like drunken revelry and more like Shoah.

Just another Goldman... I mean Greenstein... Damn, this is a leprechaun, isn't it?

The government

If you’re in Washington, D.C. today and thought you saw Rahm Emanuel go whooshing past on a toboggan… you’re probably right.  Seems the federal government has taken a snow day!

I’m not saying this government is soft, I’m just saying when my uncle Herschel had his haberdashery, neither snow, nor pogrom, nor genocide, nor the original Tiffany mall tour kept him from opening shop.

Daddy will push you as soon as he gets off the flying saucer