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Nudity Nazis

Oh, the sweet, delicate flower that is New Jersey.  The virginal Garden State had local police cover up a Venus de Milo snowman.   Just guessing, but I don’t think the cop on the scene was Jewish.  A Hebrew officer might have bundled up the snowman… but only to stop her from catching cold.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama’s Health Care Summit

Everyone’s complaining there was no clear winner at the health care summit after seven hours of talking.  You think seven hours is a long time?  Try interpreting talmud.  Six thousand years and still no answer as to wearing snowshoes in a snowstorm counts as work.

Bupkis is something we all learn to settle for eventually.

The government

If you’re in Washington, D.C. today and thought you saw Rahm Emanuel go whooshing past on a toboggan… you’re probably right.  Seems the federal government has taken a snow day!

I’m not saying this government is soft, I’m just saying when my uncle Herschel had his haberdashery, neither snow, nor pogrom, nor genocide, nor the original Tiffany mall tour kept him from opening shop.

Daddy will push you as soon as he gets off the flying saucer

Snow In South Florida

Just when the view outside my South Beach condo was convincing me that maybe God is kind and loving, something like this happens.  Hard to turn the other cheek when a snow-covered palm tree is whipping you in the face.

Florida snow

Trouble in paradise