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Google Earth

So the same software that let’s me figure out which side of the street to park on can also uncover the torture pit I built in my backyard?  Hmm.

No deal, Google.  No deal.

Let's just thank Hashem the Germans couldn't Google Anne Frank...

Google’s Android Software

So, Google is introducing software you can “design yourself.” Like I’m supposed to be excited about this?

I sent my kids to law school so they didn’t have to build anything.  Ever.

If I wanted them working with tools and making patterns I’d have stayed on the Lower East Side.

Where's the robot who does all this for me?


The Islam of iPads

So in the wake of the iPad, now HP, Google, and even Microsoft will be getting into the tablet business.

Jews are hardly surprised.  Like Apple, we know what it’s like to be the first to the top of the mount — and then watch as others release bargain-basement, less user friendly versions.

Personal computers, mp3 players, monotheism — it’s all the same.

Google Buzz

Okay, so my daughter’s already on Facebook, BBM, Twitter, MySpace, gchat, and ICQ — and now I gotta follow her exploits on Google Buzz?  I’m running out of fake identities to stalk her with.  So I make the following proposal: I stalk your daughter, you stalk mine.  But not in a creepy way.  Repeat: Not creepy.

These people are not busy as bees if they have time to do this crap.