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Supposed Bisexuals

So, Vanessa whatshername-shehadthatsong has come out as bisexual, riding the coattails of the True Blood blonde.  But as neither seem to be in relationships with women (and the latter is apparently engaged to her male co-star), it all looks like a plea for attention.

As I told my grandson Erich — I don’t care you’re a faygelah, but I don’t love you because you’re a faygelah.  I love you because you’re a doctor.

One girly crush does not a lesbian identity make -- just as one almost hit song does not a pop star make.



In an act of political protest, a Madrid gay pride march has banned Israelis.  What, with a Castillian accent, they can’t tell the difference between “flotilla” and “faygelah“?

Now, those are some real curlies.

James Franco

Okay, here’s the thing, Mr. Franco, some of us are retired and don’t have much to do with our days.  And some of us crotchety old men who don’t watch The View because it seems a little, shall we say, faygelah, thought soaps were all right because the ladies on them were pretty hot.  Then you had to waltz into General Hospital and become the hottest chick in the place.

The worst part?  I can’t quit you.


Broke back on Netflix

Not that there's anything wrong with that

Apparently Netflix, your friendly internet behemoth, is a yente.  They’ve gone and outed a whole bunch of Brokeback Mountain watchers.

I’m canceling my subscription before they divulge my late night Passion of the Christ habit.