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Early Menopause

More trustworthy than WebMD... according to my mother.

A new bit of scary science – and we can’t even blame doctors for this one!

Nope, IT worker Maria Clynes is the one letting us know we better lay off the slivovitz if we want to keep the bloodline going.

Personally, I’m not changing a thing.  I think I’d need the booze to get through the hot flashes.

Island-Stealing Journalists

Uh, oh.  Looks like the NYT is trying to buy back the island of Manhattan from the Jews.  Knowing how diet-obsessed all these middle-aged Yids are, they’re trying to tempt them with fire water.  We all know how it goes from here….

Mommy's new weight loss plan


With Burger King opening up a stateside Whopper Bar, Europe has lost its only cultural advantage — alcohol at fast food restaurants.

This is like L.A. doing away with rights on reds.

whopper bar

Someone, take the King's keys