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I knew it — I always knew it — exercise is bad for you.  Just ask the 16-year-old Californian teen murdered by his Bowflex machine.

I now return to eating my pastrami and rye.  Ridiculously high sodium might kill me, but it won’t kill me.

Health food

Californian condoms

Brake in case of emergency

Look, there’s no bigger fan of wearing a beanie than a Jew.  It shows respect for God, it’s quasi-fashionable, it even creates more advertising space.

But forcing adult film actors to wear little head-coverings?  Sounds about as unsatisfying as forcing Langer’s to serve vegetarian Pastrami.

Super Bowl Commercials

I like creative advertising as much as the next dry cleaner; my uncle Herschel even invented the Pastrami sandwich board.  But what’s this with commercials that aren’t selling products?  I can’t buy a “lack of abortion” — so why are they peddling it to me?  Can’t they just hock Pepsi?  I won’t buy it, but I liked watching that nice Cindy Crawford.  What ever happened to her?

The good ol' uncontroversial days