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Mexican bling

Are we supposed to be impressed that the Mexican drug museum features outrageous bling like diamond-encrusted cellphones and the high fashion artillery displayed below?

Have you never been to the Hebrew Hammer museum?  This is just a pinky ring!

Why Mexican gangsters have such good pre-nups

Carlos Slim

The Mexican Billionaire who bought a huge chunk of The New York Times is now gobbling up Manhattan real estate — including the gorgeous $40m townhouse across from the Met — the only townhouse left on Fifth Avenue.

I didn’t mind so much seeing The Times’ building decked out in Purple Day of the Dead statues — that’s in midtown.  But now we’re talking the UES.  A little more taste and a little less kitsch, please.

Is this what H&H Bagels is going to look like next?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Last Governor Hero is way off on this building prisons in Mexico thing.  I tried to teach my kids discipline on a similar theory, and after they laid a shoddy foundation for their punishment shtetl, they ran after the ice cream truck and never came back.  Be warned, Herr Schwarzenegger: Mexicans love ice cream.

Hasta la vista, Spanish babies