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Trayf of the Week: Bacon Nation

The Bacon Nation — a heretical new Facebook group — now has more “friends” than we do.

This is not a good sign…

I hear France will welcome their invasion.


Suddenly the Teutonic powerhouse is on the move again.

If you’re still watching soccer (and you probably aren’t), the German team is dominating the World Cup like the Fourth Reich.  And now the German government is trying to encroach on a Jewish-owned business.

That’s two big warnings.  If they elect Michael Jordan as Chancellor, I’m packing up and moving to South America.

First, they came for Mark Zuckerberg...


This is no longer a “social networking website” — it’s a monolith hell-bent on global hegemony.  Facebook’s new privacy settings require you to understand and fulfill an elaborate series of commands to opt-out of hell.  Leave it to Mark Zuckerberg (a Yid) to reinvent Catholicism.

They're watching you... to help you... buy things.

Google Buzz

Okay, so my daughter’s already on Facebook, BBM, Twitter, MySpace, gchat, and ICQ — and now I gotta follow her exploits on Google Buzz?  I’m running out of fake identities to stalk her with.  So I make the following proposal: I stalk your daughter, you stalk mine.  But not in a creepy way.  Repeat: Not creepy.

These people are not busy as bees if they have time to do this crap.


It isn’t enough I should accept friend requests from people I can’t stand, can’t remember, or don’t actually know — but now Facebook is making recommendations about how I should maintain these  “friendships”?

Let me tell you something, Herr Facebook, I don’t want to write on Beth Lowenstein’s wall — I want to dance on her grave.  Why don’t you come up with a “Facebook app” for that?

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