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Michael Steele

Has anyone else noticed that the gaffe-prone leader is the Tim Whatley of the GOP?  I think he joined the Republicans just “for the jokes.”

Actually, this may go back farther — I’m pretty sure he went black “for the jokes.”

A Jew, a Protestant, and a black Republican walk into a bar...

Black Republicans

Michael Steele is one thing, tokenism we understand, but thirty-two African-Americans running for Republican seats?  What’s next a bunch of Jews campaigning for Chief Torturer of the PLO? Actually, that might be a good idea, take ’em down from the inside.

Wait, no, that sounds like terrorism.

Okay, forget the scheme, we’re just back to being annoyed.

Ain't no scandal like a Michael Steele scandal because a Michael Steele scandal don't stop.

Democratic Party

It’s pretty simple: you act like a loser, you become one. Take a tip that the Republicans stole from us: You wanna be God’s chosen people, you act like God’s chosen people.