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I knew it — I always knew it — exercise is bad for you.  Just ask the 16-year-old Californian teen murdered by his Bowflex machine.

I now return to eating my pastrami and rye.  Ridiculously high sodium might kill me, but it won’t kill me.

Health food

California Department of Corrections

Why are these 2 weeks different from all others?

Oh, what a terrible dinner party host the California DOC is.

They’ve put Lindsay Lohan in the same jail as the “bling ring” that once terrorized her.

That’s like inviting Shylock over to dinner and seating him next to Lorenzo.

What, no Shakespeare fans?  Was trying to class up the blog a bit.  We’ll be back to low-brow tomorrow…

California’s Bankruptcy Dance

In case you missed it, California is broke.  All together now: How broke is it?  So broke that sales tax is 10%, 300 courts have been shut down, and soon the state may stop fixing sidewalks.

I guess that almost makes sense.  I mean, who walks in LA?  It’s the same logic I used when deciding not to fix my botched circumcision.

Use caution? I can't -- I respect her too much.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Last Governor Hero is way off on this building prisons in Mexico thing.  I tried to teach my kids discipline on a similar theory, and after they laid a shoddy foundation for their punishment shtetl, they ran after the ice cream truck and never came back.  Be warned, Herr Schwarzenegger: Mexicans love ice cream.

Hasta la vista, Spanish babies