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Chinese traffic

For those afraid this post is going to be about ethnic stereotyping, relax: This isn’t a joke about how badly Chinese women drive.  That’s not a laughing matter, just a public safety crisis.

No, this is about the traffic jam outside of Beijing that’s stretching over 60 miles and expected to last 6 weeks.  I haven’t seen a bottleneck that bad since the alter kocker home started requiring tickets for Murder, She Wrote night.

Did anyone bring mah jong?

Lakers fans

Over the years, much ink and internet chatter have been spilled on the topic: New York vs. Los Angeles. We come not to revisit issues of public, public transit, and rights on red.

We offer but one thought on the matter — in New York, they know the difference between a parade and a pogrom.


Look at how GM is jumping on the bones of the Toyota recall, eager to profit off death and misfortune. We thought that was your job Mercedes. Why you gotta let us down?

No longer more luxurious than your average blood diamond.