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The New York Post

Cutely jagged nicknames like A’jad may work for juiced up baseball players, occasional murderers/rap stars, and cast members of Tri-State based reality shows — but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is none of those things.

Fanatical heads of state deserve effigies, not abbreviations.

I am crushing you with my f-gers!


Israel has banned the iPad… because it’s a security threat. Really?  If I were banning dangerous things in Israel, I’d start with Birthright.  Who thinks it’s a good idea to invite horny teenagers and twentysomethings to the Holy Land?

If we had a TV channel — ya know, consisting of annoying reality shows we’d never watch but would be happy to profit off of — we’d launch Birthright.  It would air between Jersey Shore and Brighton Beach.

Maybe it was the new "Yasser Arafat is Sexy" app

Jersey Shore

You call a bunch of Guidos making out in a hot tub entertainment?  Tsk tsk tsk.   How about Crown Heights?  More black hat than bikini, but what you lose in sex appeal, you more than make up with in awkwardness, pogroms, and race riots.

Crown Heights

What do you mean by "you people"?