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World’s worst grandma

A Florida grandma was arrested for trying to sell her grandson.  Tip-off she wasn’t Jewish?  She thought there was enough money in the world to buy her grandson!  Bubbeh may be smothering, but chintzy with the grandkids she is not!

I wouldn't want to eat her Matzoh balls



Crazy moms

A Florida mom was arrested for rooting on her teenage girl in a brawl.

Now a Jewish mom will do anything for her child.  Except this.

Do you remember what happened if a kid threatened to take your lunch money?  Your mom called the school.  And the other kid’s mom.  And maybe wrote a letter to Sandy Koufax.  She didn’t join in with the line of kids recording it for YouTube.

Honor thy mother -- and thy internet audience

Kim Jong II’s Fashion Claims

Kim Jong II is claiming he’s a fashion trendsetter.  I’ve got news for you, President Crazy — my grandmother in South Beach has been wearing that exact outfit for thirty-five years.  I think you gals even have the same stylist — though you’ll need to go carrot orange with the color to make a fair comparison.

Golden Girls: Korean Style

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Charlie Rangel

Look, I know he’s not technically a yid, but scandal-plagued Congressman Charlie Rangel has reached that age and girth where it’s hard to tell the difference between old fat black men and old fat Jews.  Seriously, the beaches of Boca Raton are littered with sun-drenched alter kockers who look just like this.

Charlie Rangel or Alan King? You're not sure, are you?

Snow In South Florida

Just when the view outside my South Beach condo was convincing me that maybe God is kind and loving, something like this happens.  Hard to turn the other cheek when a snow-covered palm tree is whipping you in the face.

Florida snow

Trouble in paradise