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Marriage Prospects of Morbidly Obese Women

A 600 pound woman in New Jersey, currently eating her way to fattest mother in the world, can find a supportive husband and father to her children… and my daughter still claims there are no good men out there.  I bet the chubster even met him on JDate!

Quick Quiz: What bothers you about this photo? It's the bare feet, right?

The War on Salt

You want some right now, don't you?

Under the reign of Herr Mayor Bloomberg, New York restaurants have banned smoking, trans-fats, and now salt?  Is New York trying to chase all the Jews to Miami Beach?

Hashem turned Lot’s wife into a pillar for a reason, and it was so that his french fries would be delicious.

Women and their weight issues

Apparently women can’t tell each other they’re fat.  Somehow, I don’t think they mean Jewish women.  In the same sentence, my mother could call my sister a chozzer — and chide her for not finishing the kasha varnishkes.

The best playmate a growing girl can have.


An overweight girl learns to read and we’re all supposed to be inspired?

My daughter was the fattest girl in shul and she can read the entire haftorah.


Boo, and may we add, hoo