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Suddenly the Teutonic powerhouse is on the move again.

If you’re still watching soccer (and you probably aren’t), the German team is dominating the World Cup like the Fourth Reich.  And now the German government is trying to encroach on a Jewish-owned business.

That’s two big warnings.  If they elect Michael Jordan as Chancellor, I’m packing up and moving to South America.

First, they came for Mark Zuckerberg...


World Cup

I went to every one of my kid's games. I suffered enough.

Everyone I work with seems to have caught World Cup fever.  They’re discussing soccer as if it’s a sport.

If soccer’s a sport, so is trying to shtup my wife.  They’re both relatively pointless, exhausting exercises that put the ball in the net so infrequently that it’s more fun to just walk around in the uniform and play solo.

I’ll be farkacht if I watch a minute of this meshugga game on tv.