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Michael Steele

Has anyone else noticed that the gaffe-prone leader is the Tim Whatley of the GOP?  I think he joined the Republicans just “for the jokes.”

Actually, this may go back farther — I’m pretty sure he went black “for the jokes.”

A Jew, a Protestant, and a black Republican walk into a bar...

Casual Anti-Semitism of the Week: Virginia

So Virginia — the mother of American independence — elected a Governor who hates gays and loves the Confederacy.  Some might say par for the course.  But, wait, it gets better…

He’s now appointed Fred Malek to an important government position.  Mr. Malek, if you’ll recall (and you probably don’t, but will from now on) was Richard Nixon’s ghetto sheriff, identifying then demoting the Jews who somehow rose to prominent positions during the Nixon administration.

I know filling out the Census is supposed to be the right thing to do — but if you live in Virginia and can quote every episode of Seinfeld, make sure you don’t wind up on Malek’s list!

Hans Landa’s spiritual cousin

Young Seinfelds

Yes, Jerry Seinfeld has made about a billion dollars off of Yid jokes.

No, you won’t.

This is knowledge that every Jewish parent needs to impart.  It is, in fact, the responsibility of every mameh and tateh to shame little Gerald into going to medical school… or dental school… or even podiatry school.  He needs a profession!

You should not be filling him with pipe dreams and putting him on YouTube.