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Crazy moms

A Florida mom was arrested for rooting on her teenage girl in a brawl.

Now a Jewish mom will do anything for her child.  Except this.

Do you remember what happened if a kid threatened to take your lunch money?  Your mom called the school.  And the other kid’s mom.  And maybe wrote a letter to Sandy Koufax.  She didn’t join in with the line of kids recording it for YouTube.

Honor thy mother -- and thy internet audience

Casual Anti-Semitism of the Week: Old-time baseball players

For every Yid who’s picked up a bat or a glove, there are but two polestars: Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg.  Two of the greatest baseball players ever were members of the tribe.  But it seems like at least Greenberg’s legendary career may have been dulled by some anti-us-ism.   Apparently Greenberg’s contemporaries didn’t like the idea of a Heeb holding the single-season home run crown.

It is high, it is far, it is... unfortunately circumsized

If you’re keeping score at home, baseball players are okay with random mediocrities and steroid-juiced freaks… just not nice Jewish boys.