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It’s supposed to be safe and fake.  That’s how Mandy Patinkin can be the world’s greatest Spanish swordfighter. So what’s an actor doing getting shot during a performance of Sondheim’s romantic opus, Passion?

Please don’t let my mom know, she’ll never let my daughter be in Annie.  Mom’s terrified enough by the phrase “hard-knock life.”

You killed my father, pretend to die. I said PRETEND!

American Idiot: The Green Day Musical

So the temple group gets off the bus from Merrick, and they have to see a show and an anti-war message AND it’s not Hair?  They better wall off that theater like the Warsaw ghetto or there’s going to be a stampede of aged Yids trying to second act Jersey Boys.

So earnest, so dookie.

Unnecessary sequels

A sequel to Phantom of the Opera opened in London last night.  Maybe the bad press, will at least dissuade producers from the long-aborning Fiddler on the Roof 2 (in which the roof collapses, Tevye breaks his neck, Golde leaves him for Lazar Wolf, and Fruma Sarah haunts Motel until he goes crazy and drowns Tzeitel in the river).

Sounds crazy, no?