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Dangerously Bad Cooks

A woman in upstate New York has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for killing her boyfriend with antifreeze-laced margaritas.  It’s gotten me wondering — maybe that metallic taste in my mother’s matzoh ball isn’t vitamins.

My mother's always had me by the balls

Christine O’Donnell

I’m not an expert on politics.  I can’t fathom the upper-level strategy involved in breaking into a hotel or beating up hippies on the streets of Chicago.  But this meshugga tea-leaf lady made an ad where she denies that she’s a witch?  Not a great precedent.

What’s Barbara Boxer’s denial going to sound like?  I do not run the media?  I don’t use baby’s blood for matzoh?  Maybe she’ll have to issue a clarification — innocent baby’s blood.  Slippery slope here, folks.