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World’s worst grandma

A Florida grandma was arrested for trying to sell her grandson.  Tip-off she wasn’t Jewish?  She thought there was enough money in the world to buy her grandson!  Bubbeh may be smothering, but chintzy with the grandkids she is not!

I wouldn't want to eat her Matzoh balls




The demise of rent control

Yes, you can complain about the stairs.

Wait — you can’t get rid of rent control!  It’s the way Jewish grandparents have been baiting suburban grandkids for decades.

Nothing gets the ingrates to visit like the promise of cheap real estate upon death.

Evil Grannies

The Sarah Silverman Program (an authorized product of the vastly entertaining worldwide Jewish conspiracy) recently asked the following question: “What do the Jews love more than anything else?”  The answer, of course: “Their grandchildren.”

But not like this.  Your bubbeh is supposed to smother you with love and chicken soup.  She’s supposed to chide you for wearing “dungarees” to temple.  She’s not supposed to fuck you.  Just wanted to be clear about that.

Whatever you do, don't eat her brisket