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Bargain Shopper of the Week: The Meadowlands

Maybe it’s my patriotism — or my hardwired Depression-era frugality — but I can’t stand leaving the lights on for no reason.  Which is why I applaud the New York football Giants.  Yesterday, in the midst of getting shellacked at home by a bunch of Texan criminals, they simply turned out the lights.

Sure, 80,000 fans were terrified and trapped in the dark — but how about taking one for the team?  No need to throw good electricity after bad.

Big Blue goes green and saves green


Job Opening of the Week: Midwestern Lawyer

A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader — who also happens to be a high school teacher — won an $11m default judgment against a defaming website… only to realize she’d sued the wrong website.

For all you out of work Shysters, this has to provide some hope.  Clearly they’re lacking smart Jew lawyers in Ohio.  So get out there and sue for libel.  Just read up on the Blood Libel first.

She doesn't teach Saturday school...


Part of me still thinks it would have been worth it.

I’m annoyed by anything that vindicates my mother.  But, fine — apparently playing football is not so good for your brain.  Guess you were right when you refused to sign that permission slip.

However, if we find out trips to the planetarium cause cancer — we’re even.