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San Francisco

Lloyd Schofield — a self-proclaimed San Francisco “infant rights activist” — is spearheading an effort to spear the beheading of male children.  In other words, he’s collecting signatures to ban male circumcision.  First they ban Happy Meals and now sad schvantzes.  What’s to become of everything in between?

Given that whole covenant of Abraham thing, it’s a rather ingeniously passive-aggressive way to exterminate Jews.



Look, I’m not saying circumcision doesn’t pinch a bit…

But at least it doesn’t kill you.

Not better than a bris

California’s Bankruptcy Dance

In case you missed it, California is broke.  All together now: How broke is it?  So broke that sales tax is 10%, 300 courts have been shut down, and soon the state may stop fixing sidewalks.

I guess that almost makes sense.  I mean, who walks in LA?  It’s the same logic I used when deciding not to fix my botched circumcision.

Use caution? I can't -- I respect her too much.